When to Turn to a Skilled Cell Phone Repair Specialist

Cell phone crashes happen occasionally even to owners with smartphones, this is a fact. And while some people take it as something normal, others are not so calm and all the frequent freezes and hangs drive them crazy. In this article, we will present some useful information about the reasons why cell phones freeze in the first place and how to prevent it from happening. A professional cell phone repair technician explains:

Some of the most typical reasons for a mobile phone to crash is because you run too many tasks at once, you install various applications in the internal memory instead of the external (memory card), there is not enough RAM, or you use heavy themes when on standby mode. Other culprits could be heavy applications on low memory or not deleting all cookies, cache, and log files.

What methods can you implement to prevent such a problem from happening?

  • Make sure you install all applications on the external memory card.

  • Uninstall all applications you either don’t need or you haven’t used for a long time, as they will eat up your RAM.

  • Only keep the themes you need to utilize frequently, this is also to speed up your mobile phone.

  • Do not run heavy themes if your device doesn’t support them or has low memory.

  • Install a specialized anti-virus program, because if it is infected, it automatically slows down and crashes.

  • Keep all current applications updated whenever better versions are available; this will improve your phone’s performance as well.

  • Shut it down every now and then. An important step, by doing so occasionally, you will refresh the memory and rid your phone of all the unnecessary pieces of data.

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