Expert Mobile Phone Unlock Services

Professional Phone Unlock Services in San Jose, CA

If you recently purchased a second-hand phone and it is locked to a certain network provider, then chances are, you are not able to use it with other providers. However, all is not lost because The Phone Box is here to unlock your phone so that you can be able to use it with all providers. As a cell phone expert in San Jose, CA, and with over three years of industry experience, we will make quick work of your phone with our mobile phone unlock service so that you can use it right away.

Why are Phones Locked?

There are several reasons why network providers lock the phones that they provide to their customers. The main reason is that the phones that you get from a certain network provider are under contract. That means that while you are under contract with the provider, you are not allowed to unlock the phone. If in any cause you do have it unlocked, you might void the warranty on the phone. There are also phones that are made to be only used in a specific country, and that is why some providers have the phones locked so that they can only be used in that specific country.

How We Can Unlock Your Phone

However, if your phone is already not under contract or the warranty has already expired, our professional mobile phone unlock will ensure that the network lock on your phone is removed so that you can use it with any network provider that you wish. There are several ways on how to unlock a mobile phone, and we will utilize all of these options to ensure that your mobile phone is completely unlocked. We are experienced when it comes to unlocking phones made by different manufacturers and have different software.

With our mobile phone unlock service, your phone will be unlocked in no time. Call The Phone Box now at (408) 342-1508, or you can also take your phone to our shop in San Jose, CA.